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Pregnant, can I still nurse my 5 month old?

The title of my blog: Pregnant, can I still nurse my 5 month old?,  is the search term I’ve been using the past week in Google search. My son Mr. Man as you know is 5 months old and I’m pregnant again. Conceived our 2 nd miracle a good month ago 🙂 according to the on-line calculators. The age gap between them will be somewhere around 13 months. I won’t be out of the diapers any time soon.

What the heck, pregnant ?!?

In shock! Before Mr. Man I was told the changes of me being able to conceive naturally were very slim.

Birth control is something I’m not a big fan off mostly due to lack of long-term research on the effects of birth control on women so I stopped using the pill over a decade ago. Any type of pill a light one, one with just 1 hormone none of that mattered to me, no synthetic hormones were going to enter my body at all, an IUD was not an option either as the risks outweigh the pro’s for me. I came across the Lactational Amenorrhea Method, a  family planning method that is based on utilization of lactational infertility for protection from pregnancy providing safe and effective temporary child spacing. It may be used for up to six months postpartum during full or nearly full breastfeeding and amenorrhea, and has been shown in clinical trial to be 99 percent effective. 

I combined the LAM method with pulling out before ejaculation especially knowing the week of my ovulation making sure. Thought we had all bases covered 😉

I’ve been breastfeeding Mr. Man around the clock on demand, the universe most have had something else in mind as I received my period twice, jokingly I told Mr. Man; ask your brother or sister when he/she wants to come. My third period however never showed and now I have his brother or sister growing in my tummy.  With both my children I want to go all natural, breastfeed continuously even at a later age when breastfeeding is not feasible I’d still want to give them their birthright, which in my eyes is: giving them their own breast milk. Solution nursing, pumping and freezing.

My search went on from information on breastfeeding and everything around that to breastfeeding while pregnant.

breast and pregnant

Back into time:

Still paralysed from the waist down due to my emergency c-section nothing could hold me back from breastfeeding Mr. Man. The joy and love I felt no words can describe. Whenever he latches on I immediately go into a state of deep relaxation as I watch his eyes roll back in his sockets, doze off into a state of sleep and continues suckling even when my breast is “empty”. The little dribble of milk down his chin when he smiles while nursing is something amazing.

Back to the future:

So the question I ask myself is: how do I continue nursing Mr. Man, stay hydrated and nutritious enough to make sure all three of us have energy to grow and develop?

Lots and lots of water, drink my herbal teas and have Mr. Man continue to feed as previous with now adding some fruit twice a day. Mr. Hubby is a great cook so he’s providing us with nutritious food every single evening, mostly fish as we’re not really meat eaters and the veggies these days go more uncooked each day.

Why introducing solids now, while before this was something I initially didn’t want to introduce until Mr. Man is about 1 year of age. The answer is pretty simple: breastfeeding while pregnant can turn out to be very painful or your milk supply can decrease significantly around the 4th or 5th month.

According to La Leche:

Breastfeeding during pregnancy is perfectly safe. As long as you eat reasonably well, then your unborn baby will not be deprived of nutrients. Even if you suffer from morning sickness and find eating very difficult, your body will naturally go into overdrive to efficiently use all the nutrients it has access to in order to prevent you and the baby from being deficient. Once you are feeling better, then you can make up by eating plenty of nutritious food — and lots of it!

It is important to eat well. Depending on how old your nursing child is, you may need an additional 650 calories a day if he is under six months, or about 500 if he is now eating other foods. This is on top of the additional 350 (second trimester) and 450 (third trimester) calories you need during pregnancy.

 If your baby is less than six months of age and completely dependent on breast milk for sustenance when you conceive, your ability to nourish him during the next pregnancy may be of primary concern. Careful observation of his health and continued growth and weight gain is in order. Supplemental feedings of some sort may be needed. Older babies and toddlers who already eat a variety of other foods will demonstrate an increased appetite for these foods as your milk supply decreases.

Conclusion: continue to breastfeed throughout the pregnancy where the milk let’s me, continue to tandem nurse (will be a new topic) when our newborn arrives. Introduce more solids over the next few months so Mr. Man will easily adjust if “his” milk starts to taste funny or will not be enough to fill him up.

To all the mommies, it’s perfectly safe to breastfeed your child while being pregnant of your other growing miracle.

I trust that my body knows exactly what it’s doing there will be enough of everything for the three of us. We are wonderful mothers.

Much love,





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