Introducing part time bottle feeding to a full time breastfed baby


Yesterday and today I’ve been completely occupied with baby bottles, teats, look a like nipples you name it.

My gosh, there are so many different products, within those products different ranges and on top of that a million different reviews and it’s so hard to find out which one really works.

I have the funny feeling that it will take me another couple of days to figure out what the best part time breast replacement will be for Mr. Man while I’m off at work and he needs to be fed without causing nipple confusion. As most of you know I’m exclusively breastfeeding and as much as I’d love to be home every single day of the week to care for him duty calls. Back to work next month in the meantime I slowly want to introduce him to his surrogate nipple so that he won’t be in “shock” when all of a sudden “his nipple” disappears twice a day all of the other feeds I’ll nurse him. To me there is no greater feeling then having him nurse on my breast. Instantly I feel relaxed, even more in love than I already am and for Mr. Man he just loves it, instant comfort as his eyes roll back and he dozes off on occasion even when he’s done nursing he’ll continue to suckle the perfect couple.

There’s a wide range of bottles and nipples so which one should I go for? I’m completely and utterly clueless. I have the MAM range bpa free anti colic bottles (never tried them yet) ideally I’d like to go for a glass bottle with a teat that functions just like my nipple.

I came across a great bottle called Bare with a nipple that moves in and out just like when a baby feeds on your breast, but it didn’t get enough funding so unfortunately this is not yet on the market (


On to the next one so I found:Image

As mentioned before ideally I’d like a glass bottle however they are quite heavy and I don’t want Mr  Man to end up with a bruised forehead so reading about Mimijumi makes me seriously consider this item for the following reasons: Mimijumi Bottles are produced in Austria. All the bottles are BPA and latex free, EA free, and anti-colic – factors which will influence the decision of which baby bottle to give Mr. Man.

Medela Calma and Breastflow are very appealing also:




As for now first things first. Express lots of “liquid gold” and store it I’d like to build up a collection of breast milk for Mr. Man as the benefits outweigh introducing any other type of “milk”. Slowly introduce him to a bottle starting of with my MAM set I’ll write an update about how that’s working out if it doesn’t then ah well move on to another type of bottle.

The breast still remains my priority no matter how good of a breast pump you have the suction of your baby and the release of the hormones involved cannot be mimicked therefore breastfeed when you can and pump the rest if you’re a breastfeeding mommy.

Lots of love,


Mimijumi is Award Winning
– 2012 Mom’s Best Hot Product Award #1 Baby Bottle
– BCPN Readers Choice #1 Baby Bottle
– Creative Child Top Choice of the Year Baby Bottle 2012
– 2011 Baby and Children’s Product News, 2011 Reader’s Favorites Award Winner, Baby Bottle Category
– 2010 I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review Winner – Equipment Category
– 2009 Spark Design Awards, Gold Award



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